Hey! We are rolling out a new update of our app Casualis: v9.2!

The main goal of this update is to fix the performance issue that is affecting some collections and wallpapers.

The cause of the issue is one of the cloud services that Casualis uses to resize the images on the fly. Unfortunately that services has become very slow to process the images and we were forced to replace it with another one. Easy, right?

Well, not exactly…

To publish the update (which at this point consists in basically one line of code changed) we also had to update the app to support Android 12: this is a mandatory requirement of Google Play Store, that basically forces all the developers to keep their app up to date with the latests OS versions. And here comes the “funny” part: to support Android 12 we basically had to rewrite the entire auto wallpaper change logic ?‍♂️.

Now the auto wallpaper change is based on the WorkManager library, and this should guarantee even more consistency through all the different OS versions/devices.

We encourage you to update the app to the latest version to solve the performance issue and, well, to enjoy the new shining auto wallpaper change implementation (which should work exactly like before ?).

Thank you for your constant support and feedback!