Hey, we are rolling out a new version of our app Casualis! This update includes a brand new functionality: the wallpaper of the day!

Wallpaper of the day

This new functionality is completely free and it works in a super simple way: each day you will receive a notification with the wallpaper of the day and if you tap on the notification you’ll be redirected to the wallpaper detail, so that you can set the wallpaper, add it to your favorites and so on. If you miss the notification you can see the wallpaper of the day using the new green button in the main menu screen.

But hey, the wallpaper of the day is quite special: you won’t find it in any collection or anywhere else, so you should check out the wallpaper of the day…well, every day! Because once it’s gone, it’s gone forever!

New notification management

We implemented a new way for you to manage the notifications sent by Casualis. We embraced the notification channels introduced in Android 8, so that you can have a fine graned control over the notifications that you want to receive and their priority.

What’s next?

Let us know what you think about the new wallpaper of the day feature, we hope that you’ll find it useful and fun to use. As always, thanks for using Casualis!